Finally, Create A Sim

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Create A Sim is finally working!

After months of development, it is finally possible to create sims in the CAS (Create A Sim) screen!

The first milestone is fast approaching, watch this space!

19 thoughts on “Finally, Create A Sim

  1. I’m so glad to see that you have done this too!
    Keep the great work up 😉
    Please try to update Forum+this website up-to-date .
    Will you create a new blog on Compiling the Project Dollhouse , please I want to see where are you so far!
    Sorry if I asked too much 🙂

    • To compile, get the source from Github. Then install Bass.NET (included in the client folder).
      Then run Mr. Shipper from the tools directory, then compile and run the client. Obviously you’ll need to have TSO installed first.
      You’ll also need MySQL to run the servers, but I won’t explain that here as it’s too complicated.

  2. Awesome! Great to see that progress is being made 🙂

    One quick question, will Project Dollhouse be Mac-compatible? It would be nice to play it on the go on my laptop when it is released.

  3. Wow, I’ve been watching you guys work on this since you started and I have to say, you guys have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time! Just the fact that you guys managed to create the city rendering is amazing. I can’t wait until this is finished! Keep it up!

  4. High Hopes for this project compared to Niotso though, considering they haven’t given us anything new since the supposedly cracked the login screen/create a sim first. Way back in June. with nothing but pics.

    • Fatbag is still working on cracking the protocol, it is just taking a long time. He’s found a way to make the client produce a packetlog, and made it into the city map.

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