City rendering, Monogame and new teammember

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A new year is upon us, and we have some great news!

The team has gained a new member, who has already proven his worth by doing what me and Andrew from NIOTSO had put aside because we considered it too difficult a challenge to tackle at the moment.

Check out these wonderful pictures:

Of course, city rendering isn’t done yet. Stuff like foliage, roads and actual houses still needs to be added, but this is a huge step forward!

I can also confirm that porting to Monogame is going proceeding to plan. There are bumps in the road, as always, but for the most part, Monogame appears to be quite stable and appears to have all of the features that are needed for this game. The thought of being able to provide crossplatform support is a thrilling one, especially when Microsoft’s new OS, Windows Blue, will apparently not support any apps targeted specifically for Windows 8.

Fuck Microsoft, long live Project Dollhouse!