Flattr and OpenMW

Flattr this!

Since people have, over time, requested, and requested again, that we provide a way for them to donate to the project, it has finally happened!

By clicking the Flattr button at the bottom of this post, you can donate a small amount towards server costs,

FInally, I’d like to make a shoutout to OpenMW, which is a project aiming to rebuild Morrowind¬†with open source code. Please check it out!

7 thoughts on “Flattr and OpenMW

  1. Nice work, Afr0. But, there’s just one tiny problem. Remember what happened to TSO Restoration? Please, don’t ask for money. Just saying. Take care, man.

    • What happened to TSO Restoration was a scam. EA never sent any takedown notice.
      I had originally anticipated going live before asking for donations, but I thought that Flattr was a nice way to meet the demand.
      We are currently making great progress, see the latest news item!

    • No, you won’t. But we will be accepting donations through PayPal to go towards running a server when the time comes.
      We will be releasing the server software so everyone can run their own though.

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