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Today I was asked on Facebook when this project would be finished. I tried to explain that it doesn’t have any deadline, but the message didn’t seem to go through.
Therefore I’m writing this post to put things into perspective. One of the projects that inspired me to do this was Corsix-TH. It aims to rebuild Theme Hospital¬†using nothing but the game’s original assets and open-source code. The difference between that project and this is that Theme Hospital is a much older game, and much less complicated to rebuild. Corsix-TH has been in development now since mid-2009, and it only just reached version 0.01.

Think about that for a minute. Between 0.01 and 1.00 you can at the least put 9 incremental updates. And if each update takes ¬†6 months to make, that equals out to 4.5 years. Now as far as I know, there is currently only one developer working on Corsix-TH, and hopefully more developers will join as the project matures. That’s my hope for this project as well, but at least these figures should put things into perspective.

14 thoughts on “About the project’s timespan

  1. Is Project Dollhouse and NIOTSO gonna be with the subscription payment via Paypal , If so I’m not gonna play this game , because I want to be Equal with everyone , If this game gonna be with payment Project Dollhouse will fail , like the EPIC FAIL of The Sims Online (ORIGINAL)
    Reply please!

    • If/when/for as long as I’ll be hosting a server, it won’t require a subscription to play. Not to satisfy lazy cheapskates, but because it would be illegal.
      However, since this is an open source project, it’ll never “fail”. Anyone can compile and run their own server from wherever they’d like for as long as they’d like, whenever they’d like.

    • I’m not going to host Niotso Server, since to me it’s just a big waste of money. I’m assuming there will be a couple of people who want to become internet-famous (or make money…) for a monthly subscription of $25 or $50 /month VPS, so if that’s the case, you should expect to have a blast playing through a big-player third-party host. Eventually.

      • I’m going to be hosting a live server for as long as I can afford, but I might have to take donations or something in order to be able to keep it going.

        • Hi I am someone who wants to play when you finish the project. I don’t expect something for free so I would like to donate towards your costs and the server costs what way can I donate as I would like to do regular donations

          • Unfortunately there isn’t any way to donate right now, as this is a volunteer project with no guarantees.
            If you want to donate money towards the economy of those involved, your best bet at the moment is to purchase a book (in which case you also get a return on your investment!)

  2. How’s it going? I saw the progress with niotso and both of you guys are going well!
    I wanna ask you something:
    What program are you gonna run for the server. Every Server that needs to run something that other people to talk like habbo has it. Nearly the servers cost so much and some people can’t afford it.

    • Uhm, what?
      I’m writing my own server-software, and have been doing so from the start. As for what people can afford, all the software is open source and free, but obviously renting a server with a powerful internet connection will be costly for people who wishes to run their own servers.

        • Yes, yes. People can use those. But running the server software from your home-PC kind of defeats the point of an MMO, because unless you have a fucking gigantic upload speed from your house, you won’t be able to serve many clients. Oh and unless you leave your home PC running 24/7, the world won’t be “constant”. In an MMO, people from around the world should be able to join at any point. Obviously you could invest in a separate workstation to use for your server, but you’d still need to find the best broadband connection for miles around (actually, a regular broadband connection probably wouldn’t cut it…)

          • Just to clarify: What I mean by “many” clients is above 100. In a regular MMO like WoW, you might be able to serve like… 10 – 15 people at any one time. But since this isn’t exactly a fast-paced game, you might be able to get away with serving 50 peeps from your home at any given time.

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