How to compile and run the Project Dollhouse client

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Since so many people are asking about the client, seemingly completely unable to wait until it is released as a compiled binary for testing, I feel like I’m forced to make this blogpost explaining the neccessary steps.

Once you’ve grabbed the latest version of the repository, you should download and install Visual Studio C# Express Edition 2008 from here.

Next you’ll need to download and install XNA Gamestudio 3.1, then Lua for Windows, as well as Bass.NET. You can now open TSOClient.sln from trunk\TSOClient\ and compile the client. To compile an application in Visual Studio, simply press F5.

However, the client won’t run unless you have copied the Lua scripts to their appropriate directories. So for now, just press F5 to build the client. This will create a folder called bin in trunk\TSOClient\TSOClient\ with a folder called Debug inside.

The compiled client will be in the Debug folder. You need to create a folder called gamedata inside of Debug, and then copy all the three folders inside trunk\TSOClient\LuaScripts\ to this new folder. Lastly, copy NAudio.dll from trunk\TSOClient\TSOClient\ to trunk\TSOClient\TSOClient\bin\Debug\

When you’ve done this, you can open up Visual Studio again (if you closed it) and press F6 to compile and debug the client. Now the client should run without any errors, providing you have installed TSO on your PC.