Kon Tiki almost done

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Last night I released the client – it can be downloaded here. I should start by apologizing for not being able to keep my promise. The main reason for this can basically be summed up in one word: Christmas.

Anyway, the client is now considered feature complete for this milestone, and any updates to it from now on will only be to fix bugs.

Though we’ve spent a long time, we’ve managed to get further than originally anticipated; the client now supports not only character creation, but logging into a city as well.

I’m hoping to go live on or before New Year’s Eve, but I’m making no promises this time. At this point, it is prudent to give thanks to ddfczm, without whom the client would never have looked as good as it does. At least not in the same timeframe!

Andrew D’Addessio, alias Fatbag, also deserves a big thanks for the revolutionary and groundbreaking work he’s done on R&D (Research and Development). Without him, there would be no Project Dollhouse!