Windows 8 rant

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Seems like the Kon Tiki milestone might have to be postponed till the end of August.

I’m currently trying to get Visual Studio 2008 installed on my laptop, and it is proving to be an incredibly frustrating experience. This leads me to regret that we haven’t ported the entire codebase to Monogame by now, as well as regretting the decision to install Win8 on the laptop.

It started with error 1935, which apparently is a catch all errorcode for unspecified problems during installation. However, when you get an hresult of 0x80073712, it means that your component store is corrupted.

So far, so bad. If only this problem could be fixed. But it turns out, it can’t. Not readily, anyway. I’ve tried running DISM with /scanhealth and /restorehealth – no luck (aside from confirming what I already knew – component store corruption).

I then tried running the Windows Update Diagnostic tool, which fixed something… but VS 2008 still won’t install. It fails at pretty much exactly the same place, so I haven’t even bothered checking the logs to see if the errorcode changed.

I’ve also run CCleaner to fix any potential registry issues, still no go. If anyone have had any similar experiences, please let me know below!

Argh, Microsoft!