Getting our priorities in order

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Yesterday, a design meeting was held on Skype.

Many things emerged – we started a technical design document, amongst other things. But among the more important things, we decided to get our priorities in order. The UI related code will be refactored, and then all manpower will be directed towards getting Vitaboy to work the way it should (we are currently only having issues with the skeleton).

When that’s done, we’ll have completed the login screen, Select A Sim and Create A Sim. That means we can finally move on to the neighbourhood and the actual gameplay. We haven’t yet put a deadline over our heads, but a 4-month perspective was discussed.

In other news, I finished a book. So if you need something to read while waiting for the game to finish, you can get the ebook here, and a paperback here.

Here’s a little preview for people who are following this blog!